Automatic Banding Machine Options for Your Business

There are many ways to secure materials for handling and loading. For example, many companies use stretch film or shrink wrapping technology. However, plastic film has its limits, and when you need heavy-duty load securing, you need something much stronger, and this is why many companies choose automatic banding machine technology. Here is more about the process and some of the many choices you have for materials. How Does Banding or Strapping Work? Strapping works on a simple principle. If you wrap something strong around materials, you’ll secure them. This makes materials easier to handle and keeps loads from spilling. It also adds stability to materials, to facilitate loading and unloading. The automated equipment uses large rolls of strapping. Machines wrap the strapping around the product, bond or clamp it together and then cut it. This only takes a matter of seconds, and then the automatic banding machine is ready for the next load. Band Materials You can choose from several material types for your strapping. Selections include steel, plastic, nylon, and paper. Here is more about these choices. Plastic Plastic is one of the most popular choices today. It’s lightweight and easy to apply to packages. It’s also one of the most cost-effective choices you can make. Bonding plastic is simple because an automatic banding machine can use heat to quickly create strong plastic bands. Steel Steel bands are not as common as years ago because plastic is cheaper. However, if you have heavy-duty applications, steel bands are still the best choice. When you apply steel straps, they have very little stretch (unlike plastic), so it’s good for large loads of wire (that have a lot of tension) and heavy loads of bricks or stones. Other Materials Plastic banding replaced most nylon bands because they cost less. Paper sees use in lightweight and paper-based materials like stacks of paper...

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A Complete Packaging System

You might never have considered how much effort your business spends on packaging your product. In many cases, packaging products is a multi-step process, requiring hands-on attention at every step. With the right equipment, you can automate every step of the process, saving your business time and money. With a complete packaging system, you reduce the number of employees needed, increase the consistency of the packaging process, and speed up the process. There are many components that can be used to create a custom packaging system, including palletizing equipment, case erectors and pallet wrappers. Because these systems are completely component based, you can choose only the pieces that make sense for your business. If your line doesn’t require a case erector, for example, you can create a line without it. Your packaging equipment experts have created thousands of customized packaging lines for other companies. They can use their knowledge to help you create the perfect packaging line to ensure your business runs as seamlessly and efficiently as possible. If your business is growing, now is the perfect time to take a look at packaging systems. These can free up your current packaging employees to manage other areas of your business, all while saving time and allowing you to package more product in a day. This benefit helps you to meet increased product demands without a lot of hassle. In addition, you’ll find that your product is packaged perfectly every time, without the risk of error you find when employees handle packaging. This is especially important if your product is heavy, delicate, or difficult to package. Packaging systems are a smart investment in your business and can help take it to the next level without any interruption in current operations. Free your employees up to do more important work and speed up your packaging process at one...

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Why So Many Companies Use Custom Packaging Boxes

The main goal of any business owner is to achieve a high level of success. There are many things a business can do to increase the public’s awareness of their products. Building a brand is an ongoing process. The work invested in expanding the reach a brand has will pay off in the long run. Shipping products to customers is something you are probably used to. Many successful companies use custom packaging boxes when shipping items and here are some of the reasons why. Announce Your Brand Right Away Sending your products out in a plain old cardboard box is a bad idea. If there is nothing to catch the recipient’s eye, it can reflect badly on your business. Ideally, you want custom packaging boxes to show off your logos and branding. By doing this, you will be able to create a large degree of brand recognition with your customers. While having a custom box constructed will cost money, it is a great investment. The last thing you want to do is lose out on a sale due to lackluster packaging. Highly Customizable Having bland looking packaging will usually hurt your sales. The best thing about using custom packaging boxes is that you can tailor them to your specific needs. finding a packaging box supplier who can truly customize their products is important. Using a supplier with a one size fits all approach to packaging design can lead to less than stellar results. Before choosing to use a particular box customization business, you will need to get a look at their portfolio. By looking at their past work, you will be able to find out what they are capable of and whether or not their style of customization fits your needs. While finding the right packaging customization business may be time-consuming, it will be worth it when you get the custom boxes you...

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Why You Should Install a Deck by Purchasing Wholesale Lumber

Almost every home can benefit by installing a wonderful deck area for entertainment, relaxation and an outside eating area. Where the cost of purchasing lumber from your local DIY superstore has prevented you from completing the task in the past, you may consider purchasing your wood from a wholesale lumber outlet as the cost difference should mean you can complete your task with far less outlay. Completing the Task with Your Friends When you employ a professional company to install a perfect deck around your property, they will purchase their wood planks from a wholesale lumber outlet, but will still charge you more than completing the task yourself because they must employ individuals who are professionals at producing a great deck appeal. Where you can save money by purchasing your wood from a wholesale lumber company, you may have sufficient funds remaining to ask some DIY experts amongst your friends and family to help you complete the task. Installing a deck is not the most difficult of DIY tasks and can be achieved by many competent individuals, especially where friends are available to help as this is not a one-person job. Boosting the Value of Your Property When you add a deck area to your property, you are immediately boosting the value of your home, by more than the cost of purchasing the wholesale lumber, the wood finish, and any other decorations. You make your property more attractive to purchase, especially when individuals are comparing your home to others in a similar area. Those with a deck are more likely to be more attractive to most purchasers. Adding a deck area to your home increases your usable square footage and helps provide a facility where you can assist your family and friends to spend more time outside in the healthy air, avoiding the air-conditioning and enjoying the company of great...

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The Features Essential In A Beef Jerky Packaging Machine

It seems that food trends come and go, but one that has withstood changing fads and changing health eating trends is beef jerky. Just a quick glance down the snack aisle in any grocery store, gas station or convenience store will demonstrate the amazing number of brands, varieties, and options now available. The need for unique packaging for beef jerky is evident. Finding the right beef jerky packaging machine is important. It will need to allow you to create the perfect look for the proper display of the product while also providing customer convenience in packaging design. Important Features In advance of selecting a beef jerky packaging machine, consider how you want the product to be packaged. Ideally, bags will make the most effective option as they are handy to carry along and make an excellent portable snack option. The two most common types of bags used for beef jerky are the flat bags. These may be vacuum packed to give an additional level of consumer confidence. Often the vacuum packaging reassures customers of the freshness and safety of the food product inside. The other common option is to use a stand-up bag, flat bottom bag or a gusset bag. These bag styles offer a couple of advantages to consider. First, they are typically a heavier bag, which means greater production for the product. Secondly, they can be displayed either standing up on a shelf or counter or, with a hole punch at the top; they also are ideal for hanging on display rods. Film Considerations Depending on the size of bags you wish to produce, you may be limited in the selection of beef jerky packaging machine models. The film will have to be food grade, and gas flushing is typically required at the time of packaging. Finally, the closure for the bag will also be something to consider. Most of these snack foods have the zip lock closure and having an easy tear perforation is also an essential consideration for packaging and equipment...

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How To Find The Best Carton For Your Packaging Needs

When you have a product for sale, either a food or beverage for people’s consumption or pet food, it is imperative that you know how to market your product and attract the most number of people to buy it. There are so many competing products out there, that you need to make sure people choose to buy your product, rather than another brand. While a big part of this is the quality and taste of your product, a really big way you can influence a large number of people into trying out what you have to offer for the first time is through the carton. Choosing A Carton A carton is a type of folding packaging that has been around for over a hundred years. Today, there are several individual varieties of cartons, which are used to package a wide range of products, from beverages and snacks to pet food. Cartons are a popular type of packaging, in part because they are easy to open and you can close them securely after you have taken out what you need. The type of carton you get will depend largely on what product you will be packaging inside it. If the food or beverage will come in direct contact with the carton, then the interior of the carton needs to have a special coating that prevents the food from soaking through the carton, keeps it fresher longer and adheres to food safety regulations. Where To Get Great Cartons If you need cartons, look for a company that is dedicated to only using the best materials to manufacture and print food and healthcare-grade cartons. Providing custom printing designing is also a must. It is helpful if you can order from a company in which all the manufacturing steps are done under the same roof, to prevent any potential...

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