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Reasons to Invest in an Automated Plasma Cutter

For someone who loves working with their hands and building something that matters, metal fabrication is a great industry to go into. One of the most important things you need to have success in this line of work is the right tools. There are advancements in the world of metal fabrication on a regular basis. This means you will have to work hard to ensure you stay on the cutting edge. Investing in an automated plasma cutter is very beneficial. Read below to find out about some of the advantages that come with investing in this type of automated machinery. Reduce the Amount of Manpower Used One of the biggest expenses a metal fabrication shop will have is their payroll. Finding ways to cut this expense without having to turn down work is usually a top concern for a business owner in this industry. By investing in an automated plasma cutter, you will be able to increase productivity without having to run up your employee overtime costs. An automated cutter will work all of the time without need for extra pay or a break. While these automated cutters can be a bit expensive, they will be worth it due to the increased efficiency these machines can provide. Minimal Errors During the Fabrication and Welding Process Another advantage of using an automated plasma cutter is the errors it can help you to avoid. Regardless of how experienced a metal worker is, they are bound to make mistakes. These mistakes can lead to a lackluster finished product and may result in losing customers. Instead of leaving the quality of your metal fabrications to chance, you can invest in an automated cutter. Once you choose the right automated plasma cutter, you need to spend some time familiarizing yourself with it. Reading the owner’s manual it comes with is a great way to find out what your new machine is capable of and how to properly use...

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The Outstanding Reputation Of Hypertherm Plasma Cutters

With every type of equipment, there are some manufacturers that rise to the top of the list. If you are in the market for a plasma cutter, you will have definitely seen and heard the name Hypertherm. These models and options in plasma cutters have been around for over 50 years and are available in both portable units as well as those designed for use with a plasma cutter table. Different options in the designs and the model options make some of the systems more appropriate for do-it-yourself plasma cutters while others are more designed for professional use in fabrication shops or on construction sites. Regardless of the reasons you are looking for Hypertherm plasma cutters, taking the time to read reviews and compare the various features will allow you to choose the right option for your needs. Durability All Hypertherm plasma cutters are designed to be durable, rugged and able to stand up to recommended use. Each model of plasma cutter offered by Hypertherm is recommended for cutting ability up to specific thicknesses of non-ferrous and ferrous metals. In addition, to accommodate different working conditions, most of the Hypertherm plasma cutters can switch from 110V to 240V automatically. This is particularly important for the portable models where different power supplies may be available on the job. Operator Safety Another key factor in choosing the Hypertherm models is their reputation for built-in operator safety. The systems for use on tables are all set up to be CNC controlled, ensuring that the operator is away from the equipment. Even the portable units are designed to have ergonomic grips and safety features including easy to read LCD screens that allow you to effectively manage and monitor the system. Spend some time online reading reviews of the Hypertherm models of plasma cutters. You will be impressed with the results you will...

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What To Look For In A Top Automated Plasma Cutter

A plasma cutter is a big investment for most metal fabrication shops and metalworking facilities. Finding the best automated plasma cutter for your needs and within your budget is going to be an important task. Knowing what you need in a CNC plasma cutter is perhaps the first step. If you currently have a plasma cutter in the shop talk to those operators using the equipment and find out what features are useful, practical and essential for them to get the job done. Make a list of these “must have” features. This will be the primary list you will work off of when comparing different new models and options in automated plasma cutter systems. Next, make a list of the features or options in a system that would help them to take on new work or make their current cutting tasks easier. There are several different options to consider in these time and energy saving features that can be included on different models of plasma cutter from different companies. Process Tools that Save Time One of the biggest features with any automated plasma cutter is the ability to use a wide variety of process cutting tools. This is a factor both in the size of the equipment as well as the machine configuration. With more tool options there is the ability to complete even complicated cutting tasks quicker and easier with less waste. Less waste and less time per job results in higher productivity and a better return on your investment. Software In addition to the tools and the actual design and size of the CNC plasma cutting machine, it will also be critical to take a close look at the software. You will want to choose a system that automates the processing of designs into code quickly, effectively and easily, freeing up your technicians to work on new projects and limiting the risk of any type of human error. Test Drive the Equipment One solution to the problem of trying to find the right CNC plasma cutter is to lease or rent the equipment and try it out. This gives you the chance to work with the specific model and try out the features and functions in an application that is specifically tailored to the type of work you do. This will add slightly to the budget, but remember you will be working on actual projects for your customers, so the lease can literally pay for itself. This is also a perfect way to get feedback from the machine operators to ensure you have all the bases...

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