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What to Expect when Consulting with an Attorney on Elderly Abuse

When an elderly family member has been neglected or abused by staff at a nursing home, it can be devastating for the entire family. There is a level of expectation when it comes to placing a loved one in a nursing home that they will be well cared for and all their needs will be met. However, what happens when that trust is broken and your loved one has suffered emotional and physical abuse that has traumatized them? Often when an abuse or neglect claim has been placed against a nursing facility, the home is quick to deny anything has occurred. That is why it is important for you to hire elderly abuse attorneys in Sacramento to help investigate your claim to build a strong case against the nursing home and their staff. How a Lawyer Will Help They will consult with you to hear what information or review any proof that you have such as pictures that show abuse. A lawyer will gather vital documents such as doctor or hospital records on your family member. They will provide the information that the attorney gathered to an expert for them to review. Once the expert for elderly abuse attorneys in Sacramento determine you have a legitimate case, the lawyer will start filing a claim against the nursing home. The law firm will interview any witnesses to the abuse and staff members of the nursing home. After a claim has been filed, the attorney will diligently fight for your loved one’s rights and to hold the medical facility responsible for their actions. Obtain Fair Compensation You family member has been through physical and emotional pain that has altered their life. At Ed Dudensing Attorney at Law, their primary focus is to hold the medical facility accountable for the pain and suffering your loved one is sustained. That is why they will work tirelessly to help your elderly family member acquire a fair judgement for the neglect and abuse they were subjected...

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3 Consequences of Refusing a Breathalyzer Test

When you have been arrested for a DWI, you do have the option to refuse taking a breathalyzer test to avoid incriminating yourself. While this is a viable option for many people, there are some very important consequences that drivers who take this road may fall victim to. If you aren’t sure whether or not to refuse the test, here are three of the biggest consequences that you may face from your refusal. The first consequence is civil revocation of your driver’s license. In many states, including Maryland, it is possible for your driver’s license to be revoked for 30 days after you refuse the breathalyzer test. If this happens to you, there are some actions that you can take to reinstate your license. 10 days after the initial revocation, you can apply for a limited driving privilege. This privilege will cost you around $100.00 and will grant you the ability to drive for the remaining 20 days of your probation. You can also request a hearing to fight the civil revocation. A written request to fight the revocation had to be submitted within the first 10 days the probation is effective. Simply let the 30 days pass with no action. If you choose this route, your DWI attorney in Baltimore, MD will need to visit the courthouse when the revocation expires. The second consequence is losing your driver’s license for one year. This is the most common consequence for refusing a breathalyzer, however, the arresting officer will have to file an affidavit with the Baltimore, MD DMV. You will be notified of this and when it does happen, you have the right to fight it. The third consequence is the court can use your refusal against you. In some cases, refusing to take a breathalyzer can be taken as an admission of guilt rather than the accused’s right against self-incrimination. It is less of a consequence and more something those who may refuse the exam need to be aware...

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How to Find a Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer to Help You

Getting behind the wheel of a truck is still one of the most at-risk jobs in the United States, with truck driver fatalities on the rise in the last few years, Trucks reports. If you drive a semi-truck or truck for work, then you’ll want to know how to deal with an accident on the road if and when it happens. That way, you’ll be ready for anything. If an accident happens, one of the first things you’ll need to do is get legal help. Here’s how. Check out the lawyer experience When you hire legal help, don’t go for the first one you find. Dig into the attorney’s background. Some lawyers haven’t even been inside a courtroom before. You’ll want to make sure you’re hiring semi-truck accident lawyers in Oklahoma City OK with the necessary experience and training to help you with your case. Ask about the lawyer’s history It’s not enough to know that your lawyer has been in the field for years. Find out if your lawyer has a history and an excellent record of handling and managing personal injury cases in court. That’s one way to make sure you’re hiring the right team of semi-truck accident lawyers in Oklahoma City OK for help and legal assistance. Check your lawyer’s workload This may not seem all that important but if you’re hiring an attorney who has too many cases on his plate, then you could end up getting the short end of the stick. Your attorney may be too busy to devote the necessary amount of time and energies to your case, which could compromise your chances of getting a favorable outcome in court. Get a lawyer who will be there for you. Find someone who isn’t too loaded with cases to represent you in your...

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Get Help for your Truck Accident Claim in Pittsburgh

Large trucks are a common site out on the open highway. They bring supplies to businesses all over the nation. This is how we get food, clothes, and many other items. While a wreck could happen in any size vehicle, delivery trucks cause larger amounts of damage. People often end up with severe injuries that warrant a hospital visit. Many truck drivers suffer exhaustion from long hours of driving. If a driver falls asleep at the wheel, he can easily drive off of the road and hit a smaller car. The smaller cars often do not do well with this amount of damage. Compensation is due after fault is determined. Damage Damage that is often covered under a truck accident claim in Pittsburgh involves the car that got hit. Cars in these cases are often completely totaled. This means that a new vehicle purchase would have to be compensated for. The worth of the damaged car is taken into consideration for this part of the compensation. A truck accident claim often involves large amounts of money. Therefore, an attorney is often necessary. It can take a professional to secure the proper payout. Injury Injuries are unique when it comes to a truck accident claim. Some injuries may cause health problems or long-term pain. An attorney from the Law Offices of John W. Brown can help determine how much medical compensation may be needed in the future. These projected costs may be calculated from doctor’s estimates and reliable information on the type of injury. Take the time to see the right medical specialists when filing this type of claim. Proper medical documentation is key. Claims from accidents can sometimes be simple; however, truck accidents usually are not. They often involve more severe injuries and damage. This ends up costing the insurance company more money. A thorough investigation into the claim by an attorney is the best...

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How Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Can be Financially Beneficial for You

Do you dread the thought of checking your mail each day because of the countless number of bills you receive? Perhaps, the sound of your phone ringing makes you cringe anymore because you know it is a debt collector calling. No one ever wants to suffer from financial hardships, however, they do occur and avoiding debt collectors will not solve your problem. Eventually, the entity you owe money to will try to repossess the property they sold you or they will place your account with a collection agency. Once placed with the agency your credit score will reflect your inability to pay for the service. When you are struggling to pay your bills and need to find financial relief, you should consult one of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys in St. Petersburg, FL. Advantages of Filing Bankruptcy Immediately puts a stop to bill collectors contact you and prevents the endless harassment by them. You can keep a specific amount of personal property that cannot be liquidated to pay your past due bills. Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys in St. Petersburg, FL can help you rebuild your credit. Prevents your wages from being garnished by debt collectors. Relieves you of unwanted stress caused by financial trouble. Consult with a Lawyer Today! If you are tired of the endless calls from debt collectors, or the stack of past due notices you receive in the mail. The Law Offices of Robert M. Geller has the solution that you have been looking for. One of their skilled attorneys can provide the valuable information you need to know what options are available to find financial relief. They are devoted to assisting you in making the right choice to meet your specific needs and handle the bankruptcy process for...

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How to Deal with Unpaid Wages

If your employer fails to pay you wages when due, then what resources and remedies do you have available. The balance of this article will provide the information you need to insure that you are paid for all of your hard work. Talk to Your Employer The first step in resolving the issue is to immediately talk to your employer. Fortunately, the majority of employers try to treat their employees fairly and it is quite possible that your failure to receive all wages due was simply a mistake. If you are afraid that your employer may act angrily when you raise the issue, there are a number of anti-retaliation statutes that protect employees from termination and other adverse consequences if you complain or question issues regarding your wages. (California Labor Code §§98.6 and 232[a][b]). Track Your Wage History If the issue was not resolved after speaking to your employer, then you may want to review your wage statements over the last several months. The wage statements must accurately and easily allow you to review gross and net wages, hours worked and the applicable hourly rates. The employers’ failure to provide such a statement opens them up to substantial statutory penalties. (California Labor Code §226[a]). Check your records to make sure that your employer has been paying all wages due throughout your employment. Take charge of your finances today and speak with an experienced employment law attorney if you have questions or do not understand the information contained in the statement. By keeping a close eye on your finances, you’ll have a better idea what went wrong and how your employer can fix the issue immediately or suffer significant legal consequences. Know your Options If your employer’s failure to pay wages was not a mistake or promptly fixed, it is important to know your options. You can pursue a claim with the California Labor Commissioner with or without the assistance of counsel. However, the remedies that you have available to you are potentially beyond the scope of the commissioner’s authority in terms of pursuing employment claims that are not wage related. Furthermore, overtime and other wage related issues can be quite complicated and vigorously contested by your employer for fear that your fellow employees will follow your lead. It is therefore highly recommended that you consult with an experienced employment law attorney such as the Perrin Law Group to get the help and compensation that you deserve. Act Now You are entitled to all wages when due. Failing to take prompt action does not hurt your employer and only serves to delay your family’s financial future. Contact the Perrin Law Group today for your free consultation and get all of...

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