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Should you Repair or Replace your AC Unit?

The choice between repairing and replacing your AC unit can be a tricky one indeed. One is more expensive, but it’s definitely the most effective way of eliminating problems. The other may be a waste of time to try to repair, but it will save you a lot of money. Which do you choose? How do you know when it’s definitely time to choose? If you are considering air condition repair or replacement in Pickering ON, this question is likely bouncing around in your mind. Thankfully, there are certain factors that help to tip the proverbial scales one way or the other. As the following shall now demonstrate. Age Air conditioning units last from 10-15 years, maybe a bit more if you’ve been keeping up with maintenance and upkeep. So if your AC unit is acting up, check to see when it was installed. If it was installed over 15 years ago, then it’s high time for a new one. However, if there’s still plenty of time left on the proverbial clock, then you can just have it repaired and carry on. Age will be a massive deciding factor in whether you should repair or replace. Cost Most folks see replacing as the more expensive endeavor, and in many cases it is, but sometimes repairing is more financial trouble than it’s worth. It’s a lot of math, which will vary depending on the issue you have with your AC unit, but sometimes the cost of repairing, long term, will far exceed that of the one-time $5,000-7,000 price tag that replacing it will cost you. Run the numbers if you’re really unsure about this, and make sure you get it exact, because either way you’re going to be spending a lot of money. Energy bills Energy bills are calculated partly by how much energy each appliance is putting out to fulfill its function. Thus, if an AC unit needs to put more effort into getting its air into the entirety of the house, then the energy bills will start shooting up, and fast. So if you’ve noticed this pattern with your house’s AC unit, where regardless of how you’ve used it or not, the energy bills just continue to rise, then you may actually need to replace instead of repairing. Because the only kind of unit that does this, is one that’s on its last legs. Click here to know more about air condition repair in Pickering...

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You Can Trust a Company That Offers Heating Repair in Waldorf, MD for a Job Well Done Every Time

There are many different types of heating systems, but fortunately, professional heating repair companies can repair and maintain all of them. Whether your system is gas or electric, furnace or boiler, or even if you have a geothermal heating system, these companies can make the repairs you need so that it works properly once again. Companies that offer professional heating repair can even install a brand-new system if that’s what you want, ensuring that your home will be nice and comfortable once they leave the premises. Professional Results at a Reasonable Price The companies that offer expert heating repair in Waldorf, MD have the equipment to diagnose the problem, and then make the repairs needed to get the system quickly working again. After all, wearing a sweater in your own home during the cold winter months to stay warm is unacceptable, and once you hire the right heating repair company, this situation can be remedied. They are also happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote, proving that their prices are competitive so that you can have one less reason to be apprehensive when researching heating companies. All Types of Services Provided Companies such as Olympic Aire Services, Inc. offer work that includes converting systems from electric to gas, repairs to hydronic heating systems, correcting any violations that are found, and even detecting carbon monoxide if this is a concern. These companies provide a variety of services for both homes and businesses, and they can even install humidifiers and filtration systems. In fact, whatever you need for your home to be comfortable and safe, these companies can provide it to you, and they do it all at prices you can afford. They also offer 24-hour emergency services, providing you with the opportunity to resolve your heating problems regardless of the...

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4 Questions To Ask When Seeking Commercial HVAC System Repair in Virginia Beach, VA

HVAC systems take yearly beatings during winter and summer due to harsh weather conditions. Often times, overworked HVAC units need some form of repair. Even though commercial HVAC systems are much more powerful and efficient at heating and cooling, they still suffer from wear and tear of parts. Repairs can be costly and, sometimes, it’s not just one problem. With the cost of labor and parts, it’s understandable the need to pick the best contractor with the most integrity. When seeking commercial HVAC system repair in Virginia Beach VA, there are several questions that should be addressed by the HVAC specialist before they begin repairs. 1. Are They Officially Certified? The first question that an HVAC specialist should answer is if they are certified by National American Technician Excellence. This certification requires individuals to pass a hands-on test to verify training. The NATE certificate is an industry standard for identifying trained HVAC technicians. 2. Are They Licensed? Some municipalities do not allow businesses to operate without a license. Before hiring an HVAC technician, check to see the HVAC repair company is, indeed, licensed. HVAC unit repairs are expensive and should only be entrusted to licensed specialists. While this doesn’t guarantee the work performed, it does greatly decrease the chances of being victimized by an unskilled contractor. 3. Are They Bonded and Insured? HVAC repairs are tricky, and protection against damages is necessary. Insurance protects the HVAC repair company from damages, and the bond is used to protect clients in case the repair company cannot or will not fulfill their part of the contract. Due to the nature of HVAC jobs and how expensive repairs can be, contractors without any type of protection should be avoided. 4. How Many Years of HVAC Experience Do They Have? As with any occupation, experience is a great way to identify a skilled HVAC contractor. Depending on the HVAC issue at hand, a more seasoned professional would be better able to handle larger tasks and units. If going by experience doesn’t narrow down the list, consider using reviews as an indicator of the best contractor. Visit to learn more about Commercial HVAC System Repair in Virginia Beach VA. They have licensed professionals eager to help with any HVAC related...

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Heating And Cooling Service In Shawnee OK Will Keep Your Home Comfortable All Year Around

The rapidly changing weather patterns can really overwork a heating and cooling system. One day there’s cold winds and the next day might be record heat. Remaining comfortable in a home begins with regular maintenance by a Heating And Cooling Service in Shawnee OK. Business and homes need to keep the temperature comfortable inside for family, employees or customers. Summer is only a short time away and now is the perfect time to have the air conditioning or geothermal unit checked by a highly trained HVAC technician. A properly operating system will reduce energy costs for a home or business throughout the year. A Heating And Cooling Service in Shawnee OK can provide:      *     Installation of residential or commercial new construction and replacement systems      *     Repair of special systems in restaurants and retirement centers      *     Industrial services that include repair and installation of direct and indirect fired units, kitchen equipment and chillers      *     Walk-in, reach-in, and large freezer installation or repair      *     Cooling tower, generators, boilers, water source heat pumps, rooftop equipment radiant heat and other package unit repairs or replacement      *     Residential services for heat pumps, generators, gas furnaces, boilers, radiant heat, and air conditioners Energy costs continue to rise, and a properly maintained system will reduce the cost. Another solution to rising energy bills is to consider the installation of a geothermal system. These systems can use 40-60% less energy than a conventional system because they use the temperature of the earth instead of the air surrounding the home. It can deliver comfortable air all year round and is environmentally friendly. The ground source heat pumps make the transfer of hot or cool air much more efficient. Another way to save on energy costs is with the use of a solar hot water system. These units have a proven technology that can reduce an owner’s energy costs and consumption. The water will be the same temperature as a traditional system delivers. A tankless hot water system will ensure the home has hot water and is an investment that can pay for itself over a short amount of time. Please feel free to browse our website and learn more energy saving...

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The most common furnace problems in Denver CO

What Are the Most Common Furnace Problems in Denver, CO? Weather can be highly changeable in some areas of the country. That is why there are quite a few things to keep in mind when it comes to the most common furnace problems in Denver, CO. This article will be a guide to what to look out for. Yearly Maintenance is Critical Going without heat can become dangerous very quickly. Regular maintenance helps ensure that sudden loss of heat does not occur. No one deserves to be caught in a bad spot if it can be avoided. Clean Parts Make the Difference Heating units can perform less efficiently if any of the parts are clogged. Some of these heating elements can be safely cleaned and replaced. Filters and other parts should be checked regularly and dealt with appropriately. A professional can explain proper procedures related to common furnace problems in Denver CO. Ask for assistance from a local HVAC maintenance company. Signs of Possible Mechanical Failure If all parts are adequately free of clogs, heath of the pilot light and thermostat must be considered next.  It is simple to check either of these features for problems. A thermostat which is in the wrong place relative to other elements of the furnace may give inaccurate readings or stop functioning. Similarly, a pilot light in a very drafty room may sputter. In this case, it is important to close doors and windows to eliminate excess air flow. What Are the Next Steps? It is possible that following the steps to troubleshoot the problem will not help the situation. If the furnace is sputtering or completely stops it is time to call someone who can help. Final Thoughts It is never a mistake to trust someone adequately trained in HVAC maintenance. They are knowledgeable common furnace problems in Denver, CO. Click for more information on how to find local help from the...

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Air Conditioning in Alpharetta: Installation Tips

Air conditioning is an essential need for almost every household nowadays. Temperatures tend to climb pretty high during the summers, which make it difficult for most people to live in comfort. Having an air conditioner in the house will not only allow you to maintain a comfortable temperature in your house, but it also impacts moods and daily lifestyles. High temperatures often make people cranky and agitated. If you want a peaceful atmosphere in the house, you should definitely consider getting an air conditioner installed. Many people don’t really know much about getting air conditioning in Alpharetta. They often end up making the wrong purchase. To help you make a better choice, here are several installation tips that will make your life much easier. Check the Insulation The first thing that you need to check is whether your house is properly insulated. Many houses are very poorly insulated, if at all. Before getting an air conditioner installed in the house, it is important that you hire a company to check whether the house has proper insulation. If the house isn’t insulated properly, you need to first improve the insulation in the house. The cold air from the air conditioner will escape quite easily if the house isn’t insulated. As a result, the conditioner will have to work double time in order to maintain the temperature in your house. This will make a major impact on your utility bills, and may even make the air conditioner unaffordable. You don’t want to pay a fortune for running expenditure every other day. Choose the Right Size When it comes to getting air conditioning in your house, size plays an important role as well. Bigger houses require bigger units, while there’s no need for a sizable unit in a smaller house. When you approach professional HVAC companies for installing an air conditioner in your home, they will first inspect the place and give you a free quote. The quote includes a lump sum payment for the price of the air conditioner, the installation fee, and any other charges that might be levied. Finding the cooling system that’s just right for you is slightly more difficult than you may think. There are several types of air conditioners that you can choose from, not to mention the many different brands that are currently flooding the market. Hiring a professional company for the job is a much better option. These people know which air conditioners perform the best, have the highest efficiency rating, and also consume the lowest amount of electricity. Hiring a professional for the job might cost you a bit more during the installation, but it will pay off for years to...

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