Don’t Leave Your Network Open to Attack

Every piece of spyware, malware, trojan or other virus that is able to take root in your company network is a door for a potential hacker to get into. To understand it helps to think of your home. You can double lock your front door, deadbolt it and put steel bars in place. If you leave the back door unlocked and completely open it really doesn’t matter how secure your front door is. That is why it’s important to make sure that your network is virus free to ensure not only the safety of your company but that of your customers as well. Hacking Is a Sad Byproduct of the Internet While the internet is an amazing place to do business and socialize with people it is also a place where criminals are working everyday to take what isn’t theirs. This is especially true when it comes to things like identity theft and credit card information. They will utilize any back door they can to get into your network to steal this information and use it for their means. Just the slightest weakness in a network is an opportunity for them to come in and put your business at risk. Seal the Cracks When you hire a company that specializes in antivirus in Reading, PA, you can feel safe in the knowledge that what is yours will remain yours. From all the customer and company data you have amassed over the years, to the financial information that you have on file. They know how to seal the cracks in your network so that people can’t use them against you. Nothing Beats Experience Laughing Rock Technology has been offering network security solutions in the area for years. They know the tricks criminals will use to break into a network. They also know how to shut down these holes and keep a network safe, secure and stable. Don’t let a virus fester and turn into an open door policy for hackers. Make sure your doors are locked by...

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Whiteboard Videos are Incredibly Fun for Viewers

When you talk to a team that offers whiteboard video services you can have them create for you a video that will be not only be incredibly fun to watch but will accomplish goals. They can be used as sales, marketing or teaching methods that will be memorable and stand out. Whiteboard videos are a proven method to hold a viewer’s attention until the end so you can be sure they are taking in all the information you are providing them with. What Is a Whiteboard Video? In order to understand how a whiteboard video can benefit your business it is important to understand what it is. As the name implies a whiteboard video is a representation of a whiteboard that you may have in an office or classroom. Then that white board is drawn on in the video. It is like watching an animation being drawn in real time by an artist. There have been many videos in recent years on YouTube that are called “draw my life”. The artist sits down and narrates the story of their life while drawing it on a whiteboard. The viewer is offered the information that the artist wants them to hear while making it visually entertaining. This is why it is an amazing tool to put to use for your business. Why are Whiteboard Videos Effective? The key to a whiteboard videos success is that it draws the viewer in. As they are watching what is being drawn during the video they are anticipating what will be drawn next. This keeps their attention as they want to see the artwork being created right before their eyes. It is a creative and fun way to educate people about whatever you would like them to know. Have a Whiteboard Made for You Epic Video Factory has the creativity and ability to create fun whiteboard videos that can still accomplish a very professional task. They can find the right balance between detailed information about your products and services and a fun way to relay that information. Contact them today and see what their design team can do to highlight what you have to offer to the...

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Computerized Pattern Making — Automation at its Finest

Computerized pattern making is one of the best examples of automation. Computerized pattern making is an easy way to make the argument for the benefits of automation. It is hard to believe that there are still companies that resist automation opportunities and rely on the old way of doing things. The Old Way While many people like to think that pattern making by hand is more of an artisan way of doing things the fact is, it lacks precision, consumes a ridiculous amount of time and stalls production. When you know better you should do better. Automation is the better way to do things because: You get more accurate results Corrections take minutes not hours It increases production It is cost savings It is time saving Accurate Results The fact is no matter how accurate a human is in measurements they are never going to be as accurate as a machine. Plugging in numbers to a computer to generate a pattern is always going to give more precise results that are easier to duplicate. It is difficult to beat the results, especially for mass production, of a computer generated pattern. Corrections Made Easy Instead of heading back to the drawing board when tweaks need to be made, you simply feed new information into the system when your patterns are computer assisted. It is the simplest way to quickly correct and regenerate a pattern. Doing it by hand can add hours or days to a project. With a computer pattern you can tweak the pattern and make corrections with a few key strokes. Savings Reducing wasted manpower hours is a savings. Reducing time spent perfecting a pattern is money saved. Making corrections quickly is a cost savings. Autometrix can talk to you more about the benefits of this type of automation and how it can help your...

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What You Should Know about an International Pilot Academy in El Cajon, CA

If you dream of seeing the world and exploring new places and the idea of flying a plane exhilarates you, you need to make plans to attend a flight school and get the training you need to be a successful pilot. At an international pilot academy in El Cajon, CA area, students learn the ropes and get their wings to fly planes themselves. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the program: How Long Do the Courses Take to Complete? The time can vary, depending on student skill and experience level, and ultimately can differ greatly among students. There are courses that last four to eight weeks and some more advanced all-encompassing courses and training that span eight to 12 months from start to finish. What Are the Course Start Dates? Most courses start with a mandatory ground school training session that lasts a week or two. Class start times vary but are usually available every one to two months to give new students plenty of opportunity to access the classes at an international pilot academy in El Cajon, CA. How Often Will I Fly While in the Course? After ground school training is complete, your first 10 days will provide an average of two hours of flight training each day. You are expected to attend the school five days a week with two rest days off. It is required to log enough flight time in order to pass your class certification. To learn more about becoming a pilot, the courses that are available and what training and certification is required to be a pilot, contact American Aviation...

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Strategy Consulting: Why It Matters to Your Organization

What is strategy consulting? Strategy consulting is done by experts who advise companies on high-level decisions in a way that’s unbiased and that incorporates industry knowledge to ensure the best results, the Bright Network says. Do you need strategy consulting? You may be wondering why the company doesn’t just resolve the issue on its own. This isn’t possible for many growing organizations, though. By bringing in an experienced expert for strategy consulting in Tampa FL, the management team has someone who will consider all the angles without any biases and provide possible solutions that best address current problems and issues. What are the benefits? Aside from fixing problems, hiring a strategy consultant means you and your management team can continue to concentrate and focus on the core operations of your business. If you’re going to ask key people on your team to try and improve the company’s business strategy, that’s going to take time away from work, which could hurt your production results and bottom line. Also, your employees may not have enough industry experience to provide you with the solutions you need. By hiring experts for strategy consulting in Tampa FL, you can count on getting the help you need to fix problems in your organization. What will your consultant do? Your consultant will assess your condition, evaluate the issues that haunt your processes or company, and pinpoint weak areas. Also, a good consultant will also identify insights about your company, competitors, and the market to help provide your senior leadership with better ideas on how to move the organization forward. You can also expect your consultant to point out key things that your company will need to change to execute those ideas successfully. These are just a few of the things you should know about strategy consulting. Know more when you hire an...

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Benefits Of Having A Generator In Your Building

Penco Electric is proud to maintain a reputation for offering the best quality Generac generators in Chicago. We believe that everyone should have the confidence that they are prepared to weather a storm that takes the power out for a period of time. Especially in the winter, it’s important to have backup power for your building in order to keep yourself and other occupants safe and comfortable. Our goal is to help you select the proper generator for your space and power requirements. We’re happy to answer any questions you have, and our highly experienced technicians can take care of the installation process. You’ll be trained on how to start, run, and shut down your generator properly so that it’s always ready when you need it. We’ve been offering Generac generators sales Chicago for more than 25 years. To earn the trust of our customers, we focus on their interests, communicate openly and understandably, and take the time to address any of their concerns. We can offer follow up support and repair any problems that your generator is having. Our fully licensed and bonded technicians are prepared to take jobs in Chicago, Winnetka, Glenview, Elmhurst, Lake Forest, and River Forest. Whether you want a small generator for your home or a powerful one for an office or retail building, we’ll help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Our prices are kept as low as possible in order to allow many people to have access to a generator. We can offer free estimates for any installation job, and you’ll never be surprised at the final cost of a purchase. Our services are an exceptional value. To find out more about the benefits of having a generator in your building, call Penco Electric today and set up an appointment with...

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