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Tips For Using A CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

The use of a CNC plasma cutting machine will improve several aspects of any job. The cuts will be more precise, so there will be less waste, which in turn eliminates many cost overruns on projects that can be a very real problem. In addition, this equipment is able to provide cutting precision with speed, which means not only better quality of cutting, but better throughput for the shop. Needless to say, these two factors together can also very quickly impact the bottom line of the business in a positive way. However, even with the best CNC plasma cutting machine on the market, mistakes can be made that can decrease productivity, efficiency, and quality of the cutting process. By avoiding these simple but common issues, creating quality parts and components out of metal sheet will be an easier task. Don’t Overuse Consumables When consumables are reaching the end of their life cycle, cut quality can decrease dramatically. This is not an issue with the CNC plasma cutting machine, but rather an issue with the operator not recognizing the problem and simply changing out the spend consumables. Trying to get a few more cuts will more than likely result in lower quality as well as increased risk of waste. Not Using the Correct Gas and Coolant Pressure and Flow It should become a routine that all operators check the gas pressure and the flow of coolant through the system before cutting begins. This will prevent issues with overheating of parts, problems with ignition problems for the torch as well as difficulty with a continual, controlled cutting arc. It will also be essential to perform cleaning and maintenance on the torch and the system as needed. This will be outlined by the manufacturer and will be based on the hours of use and the type of cutting required of the CNC plasma...

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The Espar Heater: Is It Right For Your Truck?

Trucks come in all sizes. So do truckers. When driving a truck (or any other vehicle for that matter), most people prefer to be comfortable. They like to relax and enjoy the drive. While sometimes situations do not permit total relaxation, comfort is obtainable through technology. Drivers can install add-ons, including air conditioning and heaters. Certain truckers and trucking companies see an Espar heater for sale and add it to their vehicles. Yet, should they? Is this the answer for all trucks? Reasons for Choosing an Espar Heater In general, people are creatures who prefer being comfortable. In summer, they put on the air conditioning; in winter, they turn on the heat. This applies to both residences and vehicles. Some even pay for the add-ons to improve the comfort level. For those who have trucks, this may include an additional heater. Espar heaters are available in various sizes and models of trucks. Qualities affecting the decision are as follows:  * Overnight Stays: Truckers require a bunk or cab heater for overnight  * Environment: The load passes through regions where it is cold – below freezing on an average day and/or night  * Duration of Trip: Overnight stays in the cab are the norm  * Weather Unpredictable: Greater variations suddenly – the sun, rain, and snow The incentive is generally weather-related conditions. The result can be the installation of any type of heater. However, when it comes to selecting one, truckers should seriously consider looking at the latest Espar heater for sale online or in store. Espar Heater for Sale Any bunk heater can provide a certain amount of warmth to these sleeping quarters. An Espar heater, however, offers several advantages over the competition. If you like to ride and sleep in comfort without increasing fuel costs and wear-and-tear on the engine, consider an Espar heater. For sale at comparable prices, the diverse models offer a reliable source of heat with little environmental...

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When To Use Square Bend U Bolts

One of the great things about U bolts is that they come in a wide range of different sizes and even different shapes. While most of the bolts have the traditional rounded top, creating the “U” shape, there are other considerations as well. The traditional round top U bolt is ideal for security round pipe or tubing. The shape of the U bolt provides the maximum ability to match the edges of the pipe or tubing and hold it securely in place. With the inside of the U bolt matching the outside diameter of the round pipe or tubing, there is less chance of rubbing or knocking that can result in damage to the pipe as well as potential rattling. Rectangular and Square Tubing In some situations, particularly for running cable or for structural components on trailers, boats or RV’s, it is very common to use aluminum square or rectangular tubing or square or rectangular bar. The difference is that tubing will be hollow while the bar will be solid. The most obvious issue is that the round top on a standard U bolt won’t correctly fit with the square or rectangular shape. The answer this problem is square bend U bolts. These U bolts have a square rather than a rounded top, which allows the square bend U bolts to fit snugly and completely around the shape of the bar or rectangular or square tubing. As with the round U bolts and round pipe or tubing, this matching of the shapes provides a snug, secure fit without any rubbing or movement. Typically square bend U bolts are available in standard bar and square tubing sizes. For specialized types of applications, some manufacturers can design and manufacture custom sizes of these square U bolts including additional widths and lengths to meet specific fabrication or installation...

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Keeping Hardwood Floors Really Clean

Your hardwood floors are one of your home’s most beautiful features but can be one of the most difficult surfaces to keep looking really clean and shiny. Here are some tips to help you ensure your hardwood floors always look great.  * Keep hardwood floors dry – Water is very tough on hardwood floors. Always dry spills immediately and place rugs or mats in areas where water is likely. Put pads under rugs to prevent the rugs from scratching the hardwood floors.  * Clean with a floor cleaner. Use a hardwood floor cleaner to remove dirt from your floors regularly. Vacuum floors before cleaning, since little dirt particles can scratch your hardwood floors. A soft cloth mop is great for mopping floors with your hardwood floor cleaner.  * Use a shine product. Use a product designed for shining hardwood floors after cleaning. It may not be necessary to use a shine product every time you clean but use it as often as necessary to keep your floors looking great. Use a fluffy cloth mop to apply the shine product. Be certain to mop only in one direction to prevent streaking. Be careful that you don’t use too much of the shine product on the floor, and don’t allow it to build up. Otherwise, you’ll find your floors to be very slippery.  * Use all natural products. You’ll use your hardwood floor cleaner frequently, so it’s important to choose one that is all natural and non-toxic. This ensures your family is safe while you’re keeping your home clean. There are many all-natural hardwood floor cleaners on the market; experiment until you find the one that works best for you. Keeping hardwood floors clean does require some diligence, but if you clean and shine them regularly and use the right products, your hardwood floors can look stunning all the...

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Why Having an Air Suspension System on Your Heavy Duty Truck is a Good Idea

Becoming a truck driver will take time and a lot of effort. One of the first things you need to do when trying to be successful in this industry is to find the right heavy trucks for sale in Texas. After the right truck has been found and purchased, you will need to make sure it stays in good shape. Among the most important parts of your big rig is the suspension system. For most truck drivers, using an air suspension system is important due to the benefits they can offer. Below are some of the advantages these types of suspension systems can supply. Improves the Quality of the Braking and Steering When using air suspension systems on the heavy trucks for sale in Texas you have purchased, you will be able to improve the braking and steering. With air springs, you will be able to have the weight on your big rig evenly distributed. This means you will not have to worry about it pulling to one side or finding it hard to brake in a hurry. With the air suspension system, you can also reduce the chance of an imbalanced load causing handling issues while behind the wheel. Reduce the Chance of Your Trailer Swaying Nothing is quite as nerve-racking for a truck driver than feeling their trailer sway due to a violent burst of wind. With a properly installed air suspension system on the heavy trucks for sale in Texas you have purchased, you can ensure the proper truck to trailer height ratio is just right. By having this alignment just right, you can avoid feeling the sway of your trailer. You need to speak with a reputable and experienced mechanic to find out more about how to properly maintain your air suspension system. Without the proper amount of care, this system will deteriorate over...

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